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Melissokomiki Dodecanese was founded towards the end of last century in Rhodes, by Nikos Melissourgos and Nikos Retsas.

Our inspiration was bee’s products, which have been a treasure for human nutrition since the beginning of their history.

The motivation for the investment was the high quality of honey and the great ancient tradition in the apiaries on our islands.

Bees and beekeepers of our islands have been our partners from the first moment. Our company developed a honey laboratory and applied certified quality systems in the packaging of the different varieties of honey of the Dodecanese.

At the same time, we built a separate production unit for Melekouni, the traditional treat of Rhodes.

In 2007, a new production line was developed for the Melekouni and the new Honey bars.

Gradually, our products got a prominent place on grocery store shelves and in the hearts of consumers.

Our People

We started with very few staff. Gradually during the development of the company, our "family" grew. The company is its people. Great products require wonderful people.

How we expressed our appreciation for the bee and our society…

Having access to old beekeeping tools and based on tradition of beekeeping in the Dodecanese, we dared to imagine in 2000, a Bee Museum with a Bee’s Garden. Step by step and motivated by the great interest of the first visitors, we managed to give it an entity and it is today one of the best attractions in Rhodes.

Man has much to gain, from his acquaintance with the "magic" world of bees.

What makes us special!

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