Greek Honey

 We produce honey of excellent quality in different varieties such as flowers, pine, conifers, thyme etc.

Thyme honey: Excellent honey, belongs to the flowers' honey and has a intense aromatic and taste characteristics

Taste: pleasant & sweet
Aroma: intense aromatic
Color: light gold
Nutritional value: Tonic and antiseptic properties

Pine honey: 65% of honey production in Greece comes from Pine Trees

Taste: not so sweet

Aroma: special wonderful aroma

Color: dark

Nutritional value: High nutritional value rich in minerals and trace elements


Ereica Honey

Taste: intense

Aroma: characteristic, delicate aroma

Color: Reddish

Nutritional value: Particularly tonic to the human body it has antioxidant and antiseptic properties and is rich in phenols


Flowers’ Honey produced from the nectar of flowers and contains pollen from many plants in varying proportions

Taste: soft n’ sweet
Aroma: a balanced blend of fragrances
Color: related to nectar of the plants
Nutritional value: provides energy and resistance and strengthens the immune system

Why Ηοney from Rhodes is one of the best in the world?

The vegetation of the island is wild and self-seeded.

  • Over 400 bee plants have been recorded.
  • All mountains are full of herbs, wildflowers and coniferous trees such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, heather, pine etc. All these offer honey a high nutritional value and excellent taste.
  • Rhodes has an excellent climate and long-lasting sunshine period (Island of the Sun). It is therefore ideal place for bees to work.

Did you know? …that the honey with the most taste awards in the world originates from our islands?

Our award winning “Thayma Theon” thyme honey, has unique flavor and taste, and has thus received a lot of International Awards