Melekouni PGI - Honey Bars

The melekouni is a healthy dessert and stands out for its wonderful taste and high nutritional value.
The secret of the recipe is the love and joy of the moments accompanying the melekouni and the traditional way of its production.
Tradition: On the island of Rhodes, according to tradition, weddings’ and baptisms’ guests are treated with melekouni.
The name Melekouni has its roots in Ancient Greece. It consists of 2 synthetic words honey and kuni (kunaas) as we say the seeds in Rhodes. Honey and sesame used to have a very important place in the diet of ancient Greeks.
  • Melekouni, the Greek traditional sweet of Rhodes differs from other similar products due to the exclusive use of honey to our recipe and not sweeteners commonly used in similar products.
  • The link between the product and the geographical area is based on the reputation of the product. melekouni has a strong tradition and a perpetual reputation that links it to the island of Rhodes.
  • Since ancient times, it has been a traditional local sweet offered at weddings, baptisms and other social events.

2018 : Melekouni is recognised as Protected Geographical Indication Product of Rhodes (PGI) and is labeled as "PGI".

The product's specifications are summarized as follows:

  1. Soft and flexible texture without breaking
  2. Mastic non-sticky compact structure
  3. Taste characterized by honey, natural sesame, almonds and the special flavor of citrus and spices used
  4. Rhomboid shape