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Melekouni - Honey Bars

 In the island of Rhodes it's tradition to offer melekounia on weddings or christenings. The relatives and the friends of the bride and the groom are gathered before the wedding and celebrate as they make these delicious, traditional sweets .

“Μelekouni” is a healthy sweet which stands out thanks to its great taste and high nutritional value. We use aromatic thyme honey, natural sesame, almonds, orange and lemon peel and spices. “Melekouni” is soft and frees all its fragrance the moment you taste it. It is more delicious and healthier than the usual pasteli because of its ingredients and the way it is made.

 the unique snack with 35-40% honey

HoneyBars are based on the successful melekouni recipe, enriched with natural super foods.

100% top quality natural ingredients.

• no preservatives

• no added sugar

• gluten free

• rich in fibers

• high protein