‘Melissokomiki Dodecanesou’ (Beekeeping Company of the Dodecanese) is the biggest company in the Dodecanese (12 islands) producing and packaging beehive products. It was founded by N. Melissourgos and co, and cooperates with more than 80 beekeepers from all the islands of the nearby area.

The company is established in a new,modern and privately owned space of 1000sq. m. in Rhodes. Its main priority is the production,gathering and standardization of honey and other beehive products such as royal jelly, pollen, wax and propolis.Other products are the traditional Rhodian sweets named ‘Melekounia’, cosmetics based on beehive products such as body lotion, soap, shampoos etc.It also supports the beekeepers of the area and provides all the necessary equipment

The company provides excellent quality honey using quality control methods in its laboratory and is in the process of acquiring the certification of the quality systems HACCP and ISO.It has also founded the Bee Museum which is the only one in Greece . Located in the same building it receives more than 7000 visitors per year.